Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Recruiters!!!! Listen up!

Greetings America!

Today, I am going to talk about Recruiters and I don't mean military recruiters but workforce recruiters. Recruiters are the liaison between employers and job seekers, a recruiter will contact a prospective candidate for a job opening that might fit the qualifications that they're looking for (as they find candidate resumes on job boards, etc), then the recruiter will speak with candidate in a phone screen and a face to face interview about the candidates qualifications and the job opportunities they have available (the recruiters know how to persuade candidates).

The recruiter will let the candidate know about their clients and what they are looking for, then the recruiter will tell the candidate that they are going to submit their resume to the client. The candidate goes home happy as the recruiter promises to call them/be in touch when they hear from the clients (the employers) with any news.

It's great to have recruiters in this world as they work on the initial process of employment BUT unfortunately, we never here back from them after an interview! Now, I ask myself why? Why don't they call or email or message the prospective candidate to inform them that their client decided to go with another candidate. Why do they hide from the candidate? by not returning their phones calls or emails? Why are they afraid to tell a candidate that they were rejected? In a recruiters job description, it states they have to be in communication with client and candidate at all times, that's why they have a JOB!!!

Why does staffing agencies hire people like this? Does employment agencies hire just any body that walks in their door to become a recruiter? possibly!

It's so disappointing when recruiters have to be so fake! It's hard on a candidate to find a job, then why make it more frustrating as well? The funny part about this is I am a workforce recruiter myself, I am currently unemployed, I am currently looking for a job and I have dealt with the same thing, "working with fake recruiters". When I was employed as a recruiter, I made sure I stayed in communication with all my candidates whether it was good or bad news, I have communicated with all of them!

Almost all recruiting agencies in Massachusetts are like this! WAKE UP AND DO YOUR JOBS!

Why do you think most candidates HATE working with recruiters? Note to all working recruiters in Massachusetts and in the USA!! All I have to say is step up to the plate! Don't be a whuss or a liar! DO YOUR JOB!!!! Remember, candidates are just as important to staffing agencies as clients! Without candidates, there's no clients!!!

The only recruiter (besides myself) that I can recommend, works for Reardon Associates in Burlington, MA and her name is Maureen Hood and trust me when I say this, "she is a true recruiter!"

Kind regards and until next time!